Adam Goldstein, MD

​Postdoctoral Fellow

Dalilah Quintana Mora

Clinical Coordinator

Emma Woodoff-Leith, MA

​​Brain Bank Manager 

Dr. Crary is an experimental neurobiologist and board-certified neuropathologist. Dr. Crary has made substantial contributions to the way human brain diseases are diagnosed through an international network of neuropathologists, defining numerous neuropathological diagnostic categories. He spearheaded an international effort to establish consensus criteria for primary age-related tauopathy (PART). He has also contributed to efforts to define consensus criteria for aging-related tau astrogliopathy, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and progressive supranuclear palsy. He is pioneering computer vision approaches (e.g., deep machine learning) to modernize histopathological evaluation of brain tissues. Further, he leads independent basic studies probing fundamental mechanisms of neurodegeneration, mechanistically characterizing these changes with animal and cellular models, with a goal of bringing these insights back to clinical practice. Notably, he has led and contributed to numerous genetic and cellular studies examining toxicity and regulation of expression of tau using novel animal and iPSC-derived models.

Marcos Schaan-Profes, PhD

​Postdoctoral Fellow

Brandon Veremis

Assistant Professor

Kristen Whitney​, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Robina Afzal​Associate Researcher

Ahmed Ayad, MD Pathology Resident

Victoria Flores Almazan

Associate Researcher




Bergan Babrowicz

​Masters Student

Justin Kauffman​

​Masters Student

Daniel Koenigsberg​Medical Student

Tim Richardson, DO​, PhD



Lyucheng Zou

​Masters Student

Russell Hanson​

Assistant Professor

Valeriy Borukhov, AS Histotechnologist

Claudia De Sanctis, PhD

Senior Scientist

Grace Selecky Associate Researcher

Alessandra Cervera

​Clinical Coordinator

Soong Ho Kim​, PhD

Senior Scientist

Dr. John F. Crary, MD-PhD

Principal Investigator

Frankie Mendez​

Associate Researcher

Jamie Walker, MD​, PhD


Sean Thomas Delica​

Masters Student

Kat Slagell

​Associate Researcher

Gabe Marx​, MD

​Neurology resident


Margaret Krassner​

Lab Manager & Associate Researcher

Ismael Santa-Maria - Assistant Professor, Miguel Hernandez University (Spain)

Bidisha Roy, PhD - Research Associate, Rutgers University (New Jersey) 

Marco Hefti, MD - Assistant Professor, University of Iowa (Iowa) 

Maxim Signaevsky, MD, PhD - Instructor, J. James Peters VA Hospital (New York) 

Kevin Strang, PhD - Senior Associate in Biotechnology Equity Research, Jeffries (New York) 

Esma Karlovich, MD - Anatomic Pathology/Neuropathology Resident, Columbia University (New York) 

Amber Tetlow, PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow, New York University (New York) 

​Kofi Vordzorgbe - MD/PhD Student, Emory University (Georgia)

​Natalia Han - Project Manager, HEOR

Cheick Sissoko - Research Assistant, New York State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia University (New York) 

Megan Iida - Medical Student, University of Michigan (Michigan) 

Hadley Walsh - Medical Student, Wake Forest University (North Carolina) 

​Andrew McKenzie, MD, PhD - Scientist, Apex Neuroscience (Oregon)

Diana Dangoor - Medical Student, University of Illinois, Chicago (Illinois) 

Ricky Ditzel - Medical Student, Rush University (Illinois)

Thomas Christie - Medical Student, SUNY Downstate (New York)